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My Approach

Individual Counseling

Brandy is a Multicultural Feminist counselor who sees people from a mental health perspective rather than a mental illness one. She is aware of how the different aspects of our identity contribute to strengths as well as to conflicts in our lives. You and Brandy will collaborate during your joint journey by looking at what's happening in your life and identifying patterns of unsatisfying behaviors and feelings. She will help you develop healthy behaviors, thought patterns, and communication skills that can relieve distress. Together you and your counselor will recognize your current strengths and expand upon them to increase your self-esteem, self-empowerment, and life satisfaction.

Couples Counseling


Brandy happily works with couples seeking to improve communication and increase intimacy in their relationship. She works from a Gottman perspective focused on helping couples increase empathy for one another to improve their connection and reduce conflict.  Brandy is LGBTQIQ-affirming and kink-friendly.

Areas of Expertise

Anxiety & Depression
Domestic and Interpersonal Violence
Identity concerns (gender, sexual, life role)
Relationship Issues
Trauma resolution
Women’s Issues
Life Transitions
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