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If you are currently feeling the effects of stress on your life and on your relationships, you are not alone. Many people find that therapy assists growth and healing by providing a partner in the process, one who offers support, encouragement, and guidance. 


Avanti Counseling Services - Helping people move forward.



Counseling & Consultation


Brandy Smith provides individual and couples counseling in Decatur, Georgia to people who want more out of their lives and relationships. As a therapist, she facilitates your exploration of recent challenges such as anxiety, depression, and relationship conflict.​ 


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Contact Brandy

If you are interested in working with Brandy Smith, you may contact her at her office in Decatur, Georgia:

2784 N. Decatur Rd. Suite 145 Decatur, GA  30033

Tel:  770.490.0288

Fax: 678.819.7522

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